2023 BMW M5 Owners Manual - Daytime driving lights

Daytime driving lights

General information

Switch position:

  • Depending on the national-market version:

The daytime driving lights light up when driveready state is switched on.
Depending on the national-market version: after switching off the drive-ready state, the parking lights will illuminate in position 

Activate/deactivate daytime driving lights

In some countries, daytime driving lights are mandatory, so it may not be possible to deacti‐ vate the daytime driving lights in front.

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3. "Exterior lighting"
  4. Depending on country specifications: "Daytime driving lights" or "Daytime driving lights, rear"

 Adaptive light functions


Adaptive light functions enable dynamic illumina‐ tion of the road.

General information

The adaptive light functions may consist of one system or multiple systems, depending on the equipment version:

  • Adaptive Light Control.
  • Cornering light.


Switch position:

The adaptive light functions are active when the drive-ready state is switched on.

Adaptive Light Control

General information

Depending on the steering angle and other pa‐ rameters, the laser high beams follow the course of the road.

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