2023 BMW M5 Oil Capacity Information

BMW / N63 / S63 / S63B44T4
Displacement - 4.4L V-8
Oil Capacity - 10.6 quarts
Oil Viscosity - 0W-30
Oil Drain Plug Torque - 30 lb/ft
Coolant Capacity - 12.2 quarts

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- For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

- ACEA a3/B4

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- Advanced premium full synthetic motor oil to offer strength under extreme pressure

- Titanium strong for maximum engine performance

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- The unique cap/wire system is non-clogging and airtight

- Features a stainless-steel dispensing tip for precise application

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- 🚕 Engine Protection: This oil drain plug can be a good safegurad of your engine. It can filtrate up fine iron particles, and keep your engine oil clean so as to extend life of your engine. So your car...

- 🚕 High Quality: This oil drain plug is made of high quality aluminum, it has the advantages of low density, high strength. It is strong and durable. The oil drain plug can be used for a long time.

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- Engineered to deliver up to 5,000 miles of engine protection

- 96% Multi-Pass efficiency and removal of particles as small as 20 microns

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- COMPATIBLE with BMW X5 4.4L 2010-2021, X6 4.4L 2008-2021, 750i xDrive 4.4L 2010-2021, 550i xDrive 4.4L 2011-2016, M5 4.4L 2012-2020, 750Li 4.4L 2009-2015, 550i 4.4L 2011-2016, 750i 4.4L 2009-2019, M55...

- [cont.] 650i 4.4L 2012-2018, Alpina B7L 4.4L 2011-2015, X7 4.4L 2019-2021, 650i xDrive 4.4L 2012-2018, Alpina B7 4.4L 2011-2021, 650i Gran Coupe 4.4L 2013-2019, M6 4.4L 2012-2018, Alpina B7L xDrive 4....

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- PREMIUM PROTECTION – Synthetic blend resin media is engineered to deliver up to 10,000 miles of filter life with synthetic oil, as well as conventional oil.

- ULTRA EFFICIENT FILTER MEDIA – EX Series captures particles as small as 25 microns and offers 99% multi-pass efficiency over the life of the filter.

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- Each MANN-FILTER Cartridge Oil Filter is engineered to meet the highest filtration requirements of European automotive nameplates, delivering perfect service mile after mile

- MANN-FILTER cartridge filter end caps create an optimum seal for the entire life of the filter for consistent filtration performance

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Changing oil is an important maintenance task for any BMW M5 vehicle. Oil lubricates and cools the engine, increasing performance and extending its life. The 2023 BMW M5 oil capacity depends on the specific engine.

However, finding the right oil capacity is only one step of the process. Also pay attention to the recommended oil viscosity and type for your 2023 BMW M5 as well as the torque required for the oil drain plug.

Browse the charts to determine how much oil your 2023 BMW M5 takes and check other oil related specifications.